Things to consider

about owning a dog.......

Current legislation varies from state to state in Australia, but there is a definite shift towards "Responsible Dog Ownership" throughout the country. This makes, you, the owner of the dog, responsible for anything your dog may do.

So, it is important to always remember that your dog must be kept inside your property at all times, unless it is under "effective" control. The term "effective" control means that the handler of the dog should be able to manage the animal in public which makes it clear that children are not suitable handlers without adult supervision.

Other provisions of the various Acts may require permanent identification, obligatory registration, control of noise and that you clear any fouling by your dog in  the public areas.

If you are unsure about any aspect of the legislation in your state, you should check the provisions of the local Act to know your responsibilites.

The penalties for a dog whose owner is unaware of the law can be fatal for your dog!


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